Storage Built-in Style

by Admin March 22, 2022

Almost every space needs storage; tall spaces, small spaces, and every size in between. Well thought out storage can enhance a space. There is closed storage and open storage. Also, storage can become part of the space or disappear from the space depending on the materials and styles selected. The single home above, designed by…

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This Vibrant Mumbai Home by Baldiwala Edge Draws Inspiration from the Memphis Group

by Admin March 8, 2022

Inspired by the asymmetrical shapes and bold colors that the Memphis Group popularized in the 1980s, Ali Baldiwala, founder of his namesake design studio, created a whimsical two-bedroom apartment in South Mumbai. Straying from more traditional design elements, the home serves as a mélange of color, art, and custom furnishings that serve as a foundation for the quirky accents…

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A Historic Victorian in San Francisco Is Meticulously Transformed Into a Modern Family Home

by Admin February 24, 2022

In San Francisco’s Alamo Square, Jensen Architects turns to the past to boldly reinterpret a storied historic home. John Conomos, an established San Francisco builder and president of Drömhus General Contractors, was living with his family opposite Alamo Square when the Victorian next door went on the market. Although not apparent from its dingy exterior,…

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An eclectic art home in Manhattan by Pembrooke & Ives

by Admin February 11, 2022

While the specs for a pre-war apartment in Manhattan by Pembrooke & Ives didn’t flag the project as unusual, they belied its true nature. “It’s definitely a maximalist approach,” says studio director Rendell Fernandez, who spearheaded the architectural renovations. While the clients had come through word of mouth, “they were adamant that we not do…

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Hotel Britomart in Auckland

by Admin January 24, 2022

Hotel Britomart has 99 rooms and is located in downtown Auckland, New Zealand. For the remodel, Cheshire Architects and Lucas Design Associates restored the existing century old building and constructed a new ten story building. The goal was to use as many local materials and craftspeople as possible on the project. Above is one of…

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Stranger than fiction: A giant sideways spiral bookcase is the spectacular main attraction in this surreal new bookstore in China

by Admin January 4, 2022

Is this the world’s wackiest bookstore? The defining feature in the newly opened Zhongshuge bookshop in the city of Shenzhen, China, is an enormous spiral staircase that twists around the shop – but customers can’t climb it. The jaw-dropping snaking staircase, which even features an ornate bannister, in fact serves as a fantastical bookshelf. Li…

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Louis Vuitton is Celebrating 160 Years

by Admin December 15, 2021

Over the past 160 years Louis Vuitton has collaborated with many leading artists. To celebrate, they created an exhibition in Los Angeles. At the exhibition there were custom bags and a tropical pop-up shop. The Louis Vuitton X exhibition was located at 468 North Rodeo Drive, Beverly Hills. There were also almost two hundred items…

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Shaker it Up!

by Admin December 1, 2021

Take a look at the many ways to incorporate Shaker style into your design. Clean lines, function over frill, and natural wood with a focus on craftsmanship; built to last sums up the style. The bedroom above, in the Círculo Mexicano Hotel in Mexico City, embraces the Shaker style with a traditional peg rail. The…

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Hermès Opens Pop-up Gym Experience in Brooklyn

by Admin November 16, 2021

Hermès has popped up in Brooklyn with a temporary gym that takes aesthetic cues from its signature accessory designs. Against all likelihood, Hermès has headed for Brooklyn to open something of a branded jungle gym. The French house has opened an installation in Williamsburg called HermèsFit. Forget working out with therabands and stainless steel…

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The Modern Chair Exhibition

by Admin October 28, 2021

Palm Springs Art Museum Architecture and Design Center. September 9, 2021 – April 3, 2022 Palm Springs Art Museum has reopened the Architecture and Design Center, Edwards Harris Pavilion with the exhibition The Modern Chair. This special exhibition will follow a timeline of the development of the modern chair starting with the famous Thonet “B-9”…

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