Students at idi like the creative magic that happens with set design. Interior designers and set decorators require much of the same skill set.

Lisa Alkofer, set designer for “Picard” started as a buyer and Assistant Set Decorator for some of the top Set Decorators in the world. She knows her way around antiques, fine furnishings and luxurious fabrics.

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Set Decorator Lisa Alkofer SDSA and Production Designer Todd Cherniawsky share their finished sets for “Picard”

“We purchased and designed and augmented most of our set dressing.” That includes lighting, draperies and wallcoverings, furnishings, art and thousands of space and otherworldly elements.

Set Decorators are an important part of the design team for film, television and commercials, and work closely with the Production Designer and the Director.

The Set Decorator researches, resources, designs, builds, and purchases items required to dress the sets.

IDI is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Program.


Bathrooms are a popular space to design and remodel.

At idi students learn about the materials, costs, and space planning needed to create a functional and stylish bathroom.

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Textures such as metallic or wood can warm up a bathroom and create interest.

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Colored tiles along with unique shapes and patterns can create a custom feel.

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Soft whites, marble and wood cabinets create a classic, timeless design.

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When you have a view, design your space to be an extension of the surroundings.

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Adding natural elements creates interest, texture and a relaxing spa like feel.

IDI is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Program.


The Psychology of Color

idi loves color! Learn the various color schemes and color psychology used in designing a home, along with color trends in the market in our 12 week Certificate Course!

Warm colors such as yellow, orange and red tend to make us feel energetic and happy while cool colors such as blue, green and purple can be calming and soothing. But there is much more to the effects of color.

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Red can make a room feel more intimate but it can also perk up a room with bold, confidence.

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Orange adds warmth and can stimulate your appetite. It creates motivation and impulse.

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Yellow lifts your spirits and will make a room feel cozy. It adds a feeling of energy and fun.

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Pink is playful, but can be sensitive. It always adds a touch of whimsy.

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Blue creates a calming and relaxing atmosphere, while creating ambition and perspective.

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Purple can be very dramatic and exciting along with distinguished and creative.

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Green represents renewal, growth and stability. It is calming and relaxing.

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Many neutrals have their own effects. Gray creates a calm, sophisticated, timeless, practical feel and can be warm or cool. Brown is the slowdown, relax, dependable choice that also creates a rugged, rustic feel.

IDI is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Program.


idi offers AutoCAD, Photoshop, Revit, 3D printing and digital presentation.

Visualize your designs, visualize your future!

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Gain a new perspective with smart, 3D modeling software.

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Create floor plans, sections, elevations, and other building design drawings.

Photo Source: 3D Architectural Visualization Company USA

Plan, visualize and bring your designs to life.


Kitchen Design

A kitchen is one of the most important rooms in your home. It requires careful planning, knowledgeable selections and experienced scheduling. At idi students learn how to successfully design a beautiful, functional, kitchen.

Photo and project credit: Orange graphics creative studio

As with any modern design, clean and simple kitchens create a perfect space for family and friends.

Photo source and project credit: Home Hullinger interior design

Luxury kitchens are not only beautiful, but built to last with plenty of room for entertaining.

Photo source/project credit: Interiors

Function and efficiency are important elements for a good kitchen design.


History of Interiors and Architecture

Idi offers exciting “History of Interiors and Architecture” classes! Enjoy learning about the history of interiors while you discover how historic styles evolved and the meaning behind your favorite architecture.

Photo Source: Best Design

Rounded corners, carvings, and furniture with paws or hooves were often features of the Egyptian era.

Photo Source: Thoughtco

From the late 1800’s to the early 1900’s Victorian, gothic, and Edwardian styles were popular. Above are the famous Victorian style “Painted Ladies” of San Francisco.

Photo Source: The Chicago Maroon

Prairie style was a popular choice from 1899-1910. Shown here is Frank Lloyd Wright’s “Robie House”.

Photo Source: Interior Design Ideas

Minimalist, modern design is a popular style choice today. This current style includes organic features and spacious interiors.


Coastal Design Style

Inspired by the ocean, coastal design has always been a favorite design choice. It’s crisp, neutral pallet and organic textures are often complemented with shades of blues, greens, and fun beach inspired accents.

Ceiling fans, tropical themed greenery and openness provide a tropical feel.

Photo/Project Source: The Spruce and Lissett Homes

Streamlined furniture, an open floorplan and minimalizim make this coastal home feel modern.

Photo/Project Source: Vintage Magazine/ Mark and Susie Holt’s Home

Whimsical accessories and casual furniture create a simple, stylish cottage feel.

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Environmental Design at idi

At idi we believe eco-friendly design is an important part of interior design. Our “Environmental Design” class offers students an in depth study of sustainable environments, quality of life issues and the “smart house”-use of computers and electronics in buildings.

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Lighting is important in green design; choose fluorescent, LED and CFL.

Story/Photo credit: Tiffany Brooks at smart home

Smart home automation can control temperature, lighting and irrigation.

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Green furniture and materials are an important part of eco-friendly design.

Photo/Article Credit:, Kerry Pianoforte

Choose low or zero VOC paint for a fresh, healthy environment.

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Wicker is Trending

Almost all of us have had a piece of wicker in their lifetime. It is so versatile and can be incorporated with all styles of design and décor. idi students learn about sustainable environments in our Environmental Design class.

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Sometimes synthetic fibers are used, especially in outdoor furniture, but traditionally wicker is made of a plant material such as bamboo, willow, rattan or reed.

Photo source: Listly

Wicker is a style of weave dating back to ancient Egypt and It adds an organic, natural feel.

Photo source: Givdo

Rattan is very popular and can add interest and texture to any space.