Home Offices and Work Spaces have Become Essential

by Admin January 20, 2021

Home offices and work spaces have become essential and are an important part of home design. Space planning is crucial when designing your office or work space to make it as efficient as possible. idi’s 12 week Certificate Course introduces students to the space planning process from planning to final concept. Many times home offices…

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Happy New Year and welcome 2021!

by Admin January 14, 2021

idi’s winter 2021 term has started and we are looking forward to all the new trends and exciting opportunities that 2021 will bring! One of the things we always look forward to is Pantones color of the year, and this year they have selected 2 colors! PANTONE ULTIMATE GRAY + ILLUMINATING HAPPY. PRACTICAL. WARM. OPTIMISTIC…

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idi graduates are successfully reaching their goals!

by Admin November 20, 2020

An interior design degree can open the door to many exciting opportunities and idi graduates are successfully reaching their goals! 97% placement rate for AA graduates 100% placement rate for BA graduates 100% placement rate for MIA graduates There are many types of employment available with an interior design degree! Residential Design Commercial Design Home…

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idi’s BA Degree Program

by Admin November 16, 2020

In our BA degree program, idi students are able to explore advanced levels of commercial projects including resorts and hotels in the hospitality industry. Hospitality design can be fun and creative. Many times teams work on large scale projects. Luxurious spaces are common in hospitality design. Exotic locations allow creative interiors. DESIGN YOUR FUTURE TODAY!…

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idi’s 12 Week Certificate Course

by Admin November 5, 2020

In our 12 week certificate course idi students are introduced to the fundamentals, tools and techniques used in space planning. Students will also be taught concept and design development, design solutions, and how to specify color and textile selections. Space planning organizes a space and allows form and function to work together. How you plan…

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Textiles are a Major Part of the Design Process

by Admin October 28, 2020

idi students gain comprehensive knowledge on how to correctly specify textiles including fiber content, cost, and the types of textiles required for a space. Careful selection is important to not only create a cohesive look, but to also choose textiles for their intended use. Many fabric showrooms offer designers a vast selection of fabrics and…

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Focal points are important when designing a space.

by Admin October 15, 2020

They are the first thing to catch your eye when you walk into a room. idi students learn how to work with existing focal points and how to create new ones. Many times a room will have a natural element such as a window or a view that creates a focal point. Fireplaces are one…

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idi students like to get creative with color and design.

by Admin October 9, 2020

A fun way to freshen up your interior is to add seasonal pops of color! Even though copper accents and natural elements add year round warmth to this kitchen, fall leaves provide an extra touch of fall. A colorful view provides the perfect backdrop for this fall inspired interior. Adding decorative accents is an easy…

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“Beautiful kitchens” and “Luxurious Baths”

by Admin October 6, 2020

“Beautiful kitchens” and “Luxurious Baths” are two of the exciting, informative lectures in the 12 week certificate course. Students learn about the planning, materials and costs involved when designing kitchens and baths. It takes detailed planning to create an efficient kitchen. Precise space planning and the right materials are essential. Many times additional luxury items…

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idi graduates are successfully working in the interior design industry!

by Admin September 25, 2020

100% placement rate for MIA graduates 93% placement rate for BA graduates 87% placement rate for AA graduates For further details on idi placement please Click Here! DESIGN YOUR FUTURE TODAY! Interior Designers Institute was founded in 1984 and is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts…

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