Upcycling and Eco-Art: Fusing Creativity with Sustainability

by Admin February 27, 2024

In an age where environmental consciousness meets artistic expression, the world of upcycling and eco-art is emerging as a powerful force for positive change. Join me as we explore the fascinating intersection of creativity and sustainability in “Upcycling and Eco-Art: Turning Recyclables into Artistic Masterpieces.” The Art of Transformation Upcycling is more than a creative…

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The Designers Have Spoken: These Are the Top 10 Kitchen Trends of 2024

by Admin February 5, 2024

If the all-white kitchen you loved in 2012—or the Tuscan-inspired one you dreamed of in 2002—is making you want to tear out your cabinets, you’re not alone: Roughly 42 percent of people decided to renovate their kitchens in 2023, simply because they couldn’t stand their outdated style. It was the top reason cited for a remodel, according to Houzz’s…

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7 Exterior Trends That Will Boost Your Curb Appeal in 2024

by Admin January 8, 2024

New year, new trends. While we often have interior design trends on the brain when January rolls around, what about the exterior of our homes? After all, everyone from the dog walker to the mailperson sees it (unlike that bathroom refresh you just completed), so why not give the outside of your home just as much personality…

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Introducing the IDI Student Council

by Admin November 29, 2023

President, Alicia Smith. As the current Student Council President, I am enthusiastic to have the privilege of advocating for the student body. My top priority is cultivating a supportive school environment that prepares students for the real world through educational events focused on professional development. When not at school, I work as a Junior Designer…

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Studio N highlights textured materials with lighting at Dubai spa

by Admin October 29, 2023

Dubai-based Studio N has created a lighting scheme to emphasise the natural materials used in the Sensasia Stories Spa designed by interiors studio Roar in the Kempinski Hotel Mall in the UAE. As the spa has no natural light, Studio N focussed on highlighting the variety of materials used in the space, which includes grey slate, stone, wood and hessian wallpaper. “We…

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Keith Haring: Art Is for Everybody through Oct 08, 2023

by Admin September 28, 2023

The Broad presents the first-ever museum exhibition in Los Angeles of Keith Haring’s expansive body of work and features over 120 artworks and archival materials. Known for his use of vibrant color, energetic linework and iconic characters like the barking dog and the radiant baby, Haring’s work continues to dissolve barriers between art and life and spread…

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Interior Design Trends on Their Way Out in 2024

by Admin August 9, 2023

By by MIA SHULMAN. If you have a quote poster hanging in your room, be warned, its days are numbered. We asked, and you answered: what interior design trends are on their way out in 2024? The results are in! From boucle everything, to subway tiles, modern farmhouses, and oversized kitchen islands, these are the…

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Did the ‘Barbie’ movie really cause a run on pink paint? Let’s get the full picture.

by Admin July 3, 2023

By  Rachel Treisman. As any Barbie fan knows, life in plastic is fantastic — and also very pink. So much so, in fact, that the makers of the highly anticipated live-action movie say they wiped out a company’s entire global supply of one shade of it. “The world ran out of pink,” production designer Sarah…

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A Behind-the-Scenes Look at Tipsy Elves HQ

by Admin June 7, 2023

An Outrageous Fashion Revolution Requires an Incredible Workspace. How Tipsy Elves is Creating Inclusivity, Opportunity, and Fun for its Team. Based out of Wells Fargo Plaza, Tipsy Elves has been the source of the world’s most outrageous party clothing since 2012. What initially started as a business providing ugly Christmas sweaters has grown into a party-fashion…

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Industrial Design Students Go Junkyard Diving

by Admin May 22, 2023

Rima Sabina Aouf. Students from Swiss design school ÉCAL have worked with Philippe Malouin to make furniture from metal objects salvaged from the scrapheap in a project called Junkyard Diving. ÉCAL‘s Bachelor Industrial Design students created the furniture and household items during a four-day workshop run by Malouin and based on his own salvaging practice, which saw the designer create 68 works from…

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