by Admin July 3, 2020

Students at idi like the creative magic that happens with set design. Interior designers and set decorators require much of the same skill set.

Lisa Alkofer, set designer for “Picard” started as a buyer and Assistant Set Decorator for some of the top Set Decorators in the world. She knows her way around antiques, fine furnishings and luxurious fabrics.

Photos and information source: SDSA,

Set Decorator Lisa Alkofer SDSA and Production Designer Todd Cherniawsky share their finished sets for “Picard”

“We purchased and designed and augmented most of our set dressing.” That includes lighting, draperies and wallcoverings, furnishings, art and thousands of space and otherworldly elements.

Set Decorators are an important part of the design team for film, television and commercials, and work closely with the Production Designer and the Director.

The Set Decorator researches, resources, designs, builds, and purchases items required to dress the sets.

IDI is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Program.