Residential design is a favorite at idi.

by Admin September 3, 2020

Students learn how to create and define different interior design styles.

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Traditional interior design is a popular, classic interior design style and can transition into another style.

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Modern interiors are minimalist with mainly smooth textures and clean, simple lines. They can also reflect on the past such as mid-century modern.

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Contemporary interiors can be similar to modern style, but will also include fluid and futuristic shapes.

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Farmhouse and modern farmhouse style is defined by using mainly wood and rough textures with vintage style accents.


Hollywood glam is popular especially on the West coast. It’s a luxury, high end style with smooth, shiny textures and lots of sparkle.

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Boho interior design is a casual style with chunky textures, organic materials and plants.


Interior Designers Institute was founded in 1984 and is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Program.