Meet Megan Stone IDI Graduate, Interior Designer and Founder of The High Road Design Studio

by Admin November 25, 2019

“Megan Stone’s specialty is designing marijuana dispensaries, like this Royal Highness store in Palm Desert, Calif. Credit…Laura Austin for The New York Times.”

A disrupter, innovator and entrepreneur, Megan Stone is the grand dame of dispensary design. Since founding The High Road Design Studio in 2013, she has provided interior design and brand identity services to cannabis retailers and brands across the US, for both recreational and medical markets. Her unprecedented retail designs have helped usher the cannabis industry onto Main Street and into the mainstream, and have forever changed the international conversation about the retailing of “vice.” Her work has been lauded for altering thoughts, feelings and behaviors worldwide, blazing a trail and earning awards and commendations for design excellence along the way.

The High Road Design Studio worked through brand development to conceive a logo and identity program that truly communicates the essence of Maitri and its owners. The brand story was then infused into their historic building with its prominent Main Street location. From a carefully considered space plan, to the locally inspired Frank Lloyd Wright palette used in a color blocking technique, from the custom millwork collection to the unique art installations, every detail builds on the local history and brand story to provide a welcoming and memorable dispensary experience.

Read about Maitri Brand, designed by High Road and published in Architectural Digest


Today we welcome Megan Stone of The High Road Design Studio. Megan specializes in the cannabis consumer experience through professional retail design. In this episode we discuss her multi faceted approach to design in this new and rapidly growing retail market. We also touch on the value of establishing a niche in design and sticking to it as well as the importance of being an authority not only in her field of design but also in her specialty market.

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