Check Out idi’s Photoshop Class

by Admin September 16, 2021

Photoshop is the first computer class that the AA students explore. Many students start the class with very little computer skills. This can cause some students, in the first few classes, to feel tense and overwhelmed. In a very short time students become quite comfortable with the program and thrive. The first step is to learn the interface.


Students learn to take their hand sketched layouts and build them into digital files.

Throughout the class students create their own notebook. The tools they learn and the steps they take to utilize the tools are recorded. This allows students to function in Photoshop many semesters/years later.

Image searching is a skill that students learn in class, as well. They bring their high quality images into their canvas so that they can then start developing their layouts.

Preliminary layouts are reviewed in class with peer review and professor feedback. Then they use the feedback to further develop their projects.

Students learn new tools that they present in class. Their fellow students ask questions about the tools which allows them to add new tools to their notebook for projects in future classes. Final layouts are presented in class for further peer review and professor feedback.


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