Did you know that idi offers Art History?

by Admin June 25, 2021

Check out the Art History elective course that can also be used to meet some of your prereqs! Art History is a twelve week course. The course attempts to follow Janson’s History of Art (class is provided with a PDF of the book) from prehistoric times through modern times. Below you will see several tapestries from 1514-1521 CE. Tapestries were not only used for decoration they were also used to conserve heat.

The course also takes time to pair timelines such as cars, houses, lighting, and artists to help round out the eras, when possible. Take a look at the page below from the Art Deco era. From the Peugeot to the art, you will note a curvilinear movement that is indicative of the time.

Humans have gone from cave paintings to wall frescoes to oil painting to photography. Art has taken on many forms; from realism to impressionism to avant garde. All have evoked varying and different responses from viewers. In modern times, production design has become functional art in our environments via furnishings, as well as, typical types of art. Look at some of the interesting furnishings below that definitely make a statement!

Lighting was developed at the beginning of the 20th century. Prior to that flame was the light source that art was developed by when natural lighting was not available. There were no art stores, thus artists had to learn to make their own pigment and fabricate their own brushes. Today most do not consider the efforts that were needed to create a great work of art prior to our modern day stores.

Below, we take a look at the art of calligraphy, a staple in the Islamic world and a tool of the Romanesque Christian Church in the early formative years of the 8th century.

The painted Greek sculptures below depict a rather colorful ancient world. The course further explores the impact of how art affected the people of the time and influenced future generations.

New digital art, NFT, or non-fungible tokens exist only in a computer and have recently sold for nearly $70 million in bitcoins. NFT’s can contain anything digital such as; drawings, animated GIFs, songs, or items in video games.

As new inventions, such as photography, became mainstream and cost effective we saw the decline in the artistry of things like portrait paintings. Today’s digital images are so easily captured and stored that their value and importance has become less and less due to the sheer quantity that has been produced.

The modern crush at the world’s art museums, gotta have a selfie with Mona Lisa, or a Bottecelli in the Uffizi have brought new outlets to the world; like a Tuscan Regional or a number of Louvres, not just the one in Paris. With more museums and galleries popping up all around the world, art and history have become quite accessible to more and more people.

Source: D Gardner/idi Art History Course


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