idi’s Fall Term is Starting Soon

by Admin August 26, 2021

As we prepare for the upcoming fall semester we are reminded of warm color palettes and rich textures.

Color terminology sourced from:

What are hues?

Hues: Hues describe a pure color that is found on the color wheel and has had nothing added to it to change its properties.


Tint Definition in Art

Tints: What is a tint in art? Tints are created when white is added to any hue on the color wheel. This process lightens and desaturates the hue.


Color Tone Terminology

Tones: Tones are created when grey is added to a color. The final tone depends on the amount of black and white used, and tones may be lighter or darker than the original hue.


Shade Color Definition

Shades: Shades are created when black is added to any hue found on the color wheel. This process darkens the hue and creates a more intense color.


Rich textured accessories tend to add to the warmth of a space. Items like blankets, throws, and baskets in warm colors can bring out the fall feel in a space.

Also, bring the outside in with fall foliage, floral, and gourds. They can be used separately or combined for added interest. Enjoy mixing it up a little this fall season!


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