Interior Designers Institute is proud to announce it is an ACCSC School of Excellence Award recipient.

by Admin September 9, 2019

This award recognizes ACCSC-accredited institutions for their efforts in demonstrating a high level of achievement among their students and a commitment to the accreditation process.

The ACCSC School of Excellence Award is intended to recognize ACCSC-accredited institutions that have demonstrated a commitment to the expectations and rigors of accreditation as well as efforts in maintaining high levels of achievement among their students. In order to be eligible for the School of Excellence Award, an institution, minimally, must go through the accreditation process without issue, pay all fees and submit all reports on time and complete, and a majority of the school’s graduation and employment rates from all programs offered must meet or exceed the average rates of graduation and employment among all ACCSC- accredited institutions.

ACCSC has determined that Interior Designers Institute in Newport Beach, California, has met the established criteria and shall receive a 2018 -2019 ACCSC School of Excellence Award.