Home Offices and Work Spaces have Become Essential

by Admin January 20, 2021

Home offices and work spaces have become essential and are an important part of home design. Space planning is crucial when designing your office or work space to make it as efficient as possible. idi’s 12 week Certificate Course introduces students to the space planning process from planning to final concept.

Source: decorpad.com

Many times home offices include multi-functional work areas for everyday tasks or hobbies.

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Open areas such as shelving can provide both aesthetics and function if planned correctly.

Source: dkorhome.com/etsy

You can design your space to be fun and inspirational, and to reflect your personality or business theme.

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If your office space includes visitors, make sure to have accommodations that make them feel welcome.

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Children may not need their own office but they do need their own work space. Make it fun, creative, and productive.

Source: designtrends/Nina Sobinina

A home office can be a personal sanctuary that allows us to not only work, but also unwind and relax.


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