Dream Big at idi

by Admin May 24, 2021

An interior design degree opens the door to many exciting opportunities. At idi we offer a diverse curriculum allowing students to “Dream Big.”

Source: bocadolobo.com

Yachts, Cruise Ships, Aircrafts.

Interior designers work on specialty spaces such as yachts, cruise ships, and aircrafts.

Source: setdecorators.org/ The Walking Dead

Set Design.

Set design allows designers to create imaginative stage sets using the principles of design creativity.

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Amusement Parks, Stores, Showrooms, Boutiques.

Commercial design includes amusements parks, retail stores, showrooms and boutiques.

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Event Design.

Event design is planned around a theme or occasion and includes hotel events, tradeshows, and weddings.


Interior Designers Institute was founded in 1984 and is one of the few Interior Design Schools in California offering a Certificate, Associate of Arts Degree, Bachelor of Arts and Master’s Program.