Design Your Break

by Admin May 22, 2019

If you’re reading this it’s likely that an attempt to get away from the everyday required data gathering or task completion work in your life is very intentionally on hold. Humans need breaks1 and although we often do this at the expense of anything productive, it is possible to get a break without losing touch with our work focus. You may be surprised to find that a break related to what you are working on can be as effective a refresher as one that completely isolates you from it2. With this in mind, let’s take a look at three design related breaks that will allow those of us who wish to maintain a sense of productivity also gain the benefits of a good break.

First, Francis Andertons Design and Architecture3 is Los Angeles’ podcast/radio show for the latest in LA design. You might find her list of design things to do this week a great way to fulfill your break needs with productive content.

Second, spend some time with a TED4 talk. You may have heard of TED before now, not realizing that it actually stands for Technology, Entertainment, and Design. Head over to this fabulous website, select Design under topics, and prepare for one fascinating break.

Finally, Dezeen5 magazine is a great choice if your preferred break consists of inspiring photos of our colleagues most current leading projects. Upon arriving at Dezeen’s homepage choose Interiors and then set a timer as this break may go longer than you planned.