“Beautiful kitchens” and “Luxurious Baths”

by Admin October 6, 2020

“Beautiful kitchens” and “Luxurious Baths” are two of the exciting, informative lectures in the 12 week certificate course. Students learn about the planning, materials and costs involved when designing kitchens and baths.

Source: Leveragere.com

It takes detailed planning to create an efficient kitchen. Precise space planning and the right materials are essential.

Source: Toll Brothers.com

Many times additional luxury items are added to a bathroom to create a relaxing, luxurious, spa like feel.

Source: Kitchenandbathdesign.com

Many kitchens have an open floorplan and incorporate dining, and work areas into the same space.

Source: Designingidea.com

A bathroom takes detailed planning. Space planning and material selection are important.


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